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Field bandit from France. He talked to the coach and then knocked out the Pole [WIDEO]

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The clash, which resulted in a lot of aggressive behavior from French teenagers, was nicknamed the “Battle of Limoges”.

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– The French are nervous. Perhaps they didn’t expect us to stand up to them. It got very hot. All hell broke loose, there was a war on the pitch. We were able to keep our nerves in check, the French did not, and the match was over ahead of schedule –

The last red card in the French team was seen by the footballer Saint-Etienne Darnell Eric Bile, who hit one of the Polish players “from the bull”.

– Some may never return to the France team. They have to understand it. Others had a good attitude, trying to calm the situation. We will do our best to analyze coldly who has behaved well and who has behaved badly. As a coach, I will punish players that I will have to punish –

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“I apologize to the staff of the French Football Association, my teammates, coaches and fans. Errating is a human thing, the context of the match was unique … I’m learning” – wrote Bile himself on Instagram.

A football bandit from France previously hit the Pole with his elbow. “Field and life banditry”

Another video from this meeting also shows that it was not DE Bile’s only offense in this meeting. Moments later, the same player, a moment after the conversation with coach Diomede, elbowed another player of the Polish national team without a ball, which completely escaped the attention of the referees of this match.

– Field and life banditry. You don’t want to or don’t know how to play football – get out of the pitches. If UEFA wants the term “fair play” to make any sense, this guy should be disqualified by the end of the season: without suspensions or shortening the penalty – commented Canal + Sport commentator Żelisław Żyżyński.

Source: Sport

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