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Italy shouted the Pole straight in the face. And it started. They thought they were being promoted

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After two wins with Bosnia and Herzegovina (2-0) and Estonia (2-0), the Polish U-19 team of Marcin Brosz was already very close before the match with Italy not only to be promoted to the next qualifying phase of the European championship, but also to win their group and better seeding in the second round.

The Italians were delighted in the face of the Poles with the promotion they did not have. Row

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The young Poles managed to seal this goal, although the meeting with the Italians was very fierce and difficult. In the first half, Tomasz Pieńka’s goal was not recognized due to offside, while Italia on the other side of the field had a penalty, which was not taken by young Juventus striker Tommaso Mancini, sending the ball over the crossbar of Olivier Zych.

In the second part of the match, Maximillian Oyedele wasted a great chance for the Poles, who, after a fixed part of the game, hit the Italian goalkeeper straight from a few meters. On the other side, Antonio Raimondo had a chance for a winning goal in the end, but in a one-on-one situation with Zych, he struck past the goal.

The Italians, in order to have any chances of promotion, had to win this match and in the very end they attacked. Already in added time, they received another penalty kick from the referee for a foul by Wiktor Matyjewicz, for which the Polish player also saw the red card. This time, from eleven meters, Samuele Vignato from Monza did not make a mistake and the Italian team finally won the match 1-0.

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After Vignato’s winning goal, the entire team of young Italians celebrated as if they had just won the world championship. After the final whistle, there was even a struggle on both sides, as Antonio Raimondo decided that it was a good idea to burst out with joy in the face of one of the Polish players.

How stupid the Italians must have felt when a moment later they received information from their coaching staff about the result of the second game, in which the Estonians defeated Bosnia and Herzegovina 3-2 after a goal in added time.

Such a result meant that the group of 5 eliminations was won by the Poles who advanced to the next round together with … the Estonians! The Italians are left in third place with nothing, although they still have a mathematical chance of advancing as the best third-place team, but if that happens, they have to wait until mid-November, when teams from groups 3, 8, 10 and 11.

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