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Carlos Vera, from Manta, has his sights set on the Fury Fighting belt and the UFC contract | Other Sports | Sports

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Fury Fighting Championship has been fertile ground for Ecuadorian athlete Carlos Vera. In the 135-pound division, Vera has been analyzed by the American press specialized in mixed martial arts (MMA) as one of the fighters who can reach the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) roster if he achieves a victory of carats at the Fury FC 69 event, in Dallas (Texas), this Saturday, September 24.

“So they say… That’s the fight thing. You never know, ”says EL UNIVERSO a moderate Carlos Vera, from Falls Church (Virgina), where five years ago he chose to settle down to train at the highest level in the Fifty50 Martial Arts gym.

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Vera fights in the bantamweight division (135 pounds) and according to his professional record (11-3) he is undefeated at Fury FC.

Another MMA fighter born in Manabí can make it to the UFC roster

He has been successful in his three presentations: on September 5, 2021 he defeated Cody Freeman by unanimous decision in the Fury 50 show, on December 19 of the same year he beat Peter Caballero in the same way in Fury 55 and on December 24 April 2022, guillotined Kale Moniz on the Fury 60 card. The man came to Dallas on a perfect streak.

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‘I am ready to enter, participate and win in the UFC’

Carlos Vera has his sights set on delivering an impressive performance against American Isaiah Gutierrez, co-maining on the Fury FC 69 undercard.

If she wins the lawsuit, Vera hopes that the promotion will grant her a fight for the bantamweight title and that this will help her graduate. That means putting on the Fury FC belt and signing a contract with the UFC.

“I think so, I think my manager is very confident that we can get the (UFC) contract. It may be after this fight, it may be one more fight. I think with this fight (if he wins it) they give me a chance to fight for the title at Fury again. So you don’t know, you have to be ready, that’s the thing with the UFC. They have already called me for Bellator and other big promotions, but one wants the UFC, ”he points out.

“We are going to wait, we are going to finish this contract with Fury and try to win the title, and if they give me the opportunity (UFC), cool, horny, and if there are not enough avenues that one can take to get ahead. If I do well in this fight and they don’t call me (UFC), I want to fight for the title on December 15 and after that I would like to spend Christmas in Manta.”

At 32 years old, he makes a declaration of intent. “Now I think I’m at my best, ready to enter, to participate, to win, because I can fight for the next seven or eight years. I train well. I am improving every year, I train with the best in the world. With my team we are ready. We are open to opportunities that come.”

Vera has her base and strength in taekwondo. She narrates that she started at 4 years old when she first arrived in New Orleans. When she was 19 years old, she started practicing capoeira and currently she works teaching a capoeira program to children. After graduating from college, at the age of 23 or 24, she was offered her first MMA fight and thus began her career and “obsession” with training. Jiu Jitsu Brazilian.

“My first MMA fight I won around 13 seconds. The second fight, in the second roundI hit him in the face and he fell. The third fight, already against a fighter, I did not know Jiu Jitsu… after that it was an obsession for me and I haven’t stopped training jiu-jitsu or taekwondo”, he says.

The tricolor moved five years ago from New Orleans to Washington (Falls Church / Virginia) with the express mission of “being able to develop the Jiu Jitsu”. It remains as a purple ribbon, he emphasizes, because

At Fifty50 Martial Arts he trains under the command of Ryan Hall and periodically shares sessions with Cory Sandhagen (number 4 of the ranking UFC bantamweight), who is shaping up to be Marlon’s next contender chito Vera.

Vera describes herself as an athlete who offers “a different fight,” because she can do it on her feet, in the cage, and on the ground. “That mixed with the Jiu Jitsu, I can bring something different. My last three fights I have finished on the ground quite a bit; that used to be a problem if they took me to the flat, that’s why I moved to Washington because I wanted my Jiu Jitsu. I used to be flying kicks and punches… Now my fights are more cool because they have different aspects: fight in the cage, on the ground or standing up”.

His professional career in MMA began in the 145-pound category but he decided to go down to 135 when he noticed the weight cut made by fighters with whom he trained in New Orleans, one of those Dustin Poirier, who has been interim weight champion UFC lightweight on one occasion. “I noticed he was fighting at the time at 145, but he was walking around 190-something pounds. I said, ‘Damn! These guys are big to cut all that weight.’ I’m short, small in stature, thick, but I realized I had to get down to a weight where I can be strong and take advantage of my skills. That’s when I decided to go down to 135 (pounds).”

mma junkie From the newspaper USATodayone of the media with the greatest impact in the United States, has included Vera in a list of “5 fighters who could reach the UFC with victories in September”.

“This month, five fighters on the verge of achieving major promotional notoriety, one for the second time, return to the cage for what could be their springboard fight. There are dozens of fighters close to making the leap in the coming weeks, but these five are particularly exemplary.

His contender at Fury FC 69 this Saturday is local Isaiah Gutierrez, with a fight record of 8-1-0. (D)

Source: Eluniverso

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