there is no official version on behalf of the Ecuadorian Football Association and the players Diego Palacios in the last days, the loss of the defender of the national team remains unclear and only the statement of President Francisco Egas gives an overview of the panorama with which chiki.

He Los Angeles FC player He had to report to New Jersey on Monday for the Tricolor games until the FIFA date; however, He did not appear at the call, FEF announced.

“We’ve had a national team for a while,” Patricio Urrutia says of Ecuador’s new generation

His absence did not go unnoticed and the president of Ecuafútbol was consulted by Palacios, even though he didn’t clarify the situation with his answer and talked about the assumption.

We don’t understand the case. It seems that he (Palacios) just decided to play with his team in the middle of the week,” said Egas, referring to the presence of defenders in defeat of his club (1-0) against Dinamoon Wednesday, with the presence of an Ecuadorian.

palaces appeared again on Saturday in Los Angeles’ victory over Kansas City (2-1), at the same time as Ecuador beat Bolivia 1-0.

“That’s already a a personal decision that we will not judge. The national team is one of those who want to be there and those who kill themselves to wear the jersey,” said Egas in a conversation with journalist Diego Arcos.

Palacios was one of Gustavo Alfaro’s most quoted coaches and was a part Ecuador’s roster for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, albeit with little participation in court during the process. He was called up 14 times, but barely played 323 minutes in the 35 games the Argentine led.

With Félix Sánchez Basa, defender He was called up for friendly matches in Australia, but did not play a game. Palacios was called back for games in June; but he did not appear at the concentration. (D)