Marcelo Morales It does not go unnoticed when you visit Guayaquil. Adored by fans Emelec and Barcelona SChe pepo he sweetly walks the city streets and no one minds if he wears a blue or yellow shirt according to the occasion. Two months have not passed since his last stay in Ecuador, when Conmebol accredited him for South American Sub-17 2023 to observe young talents, because he is currently working as boy scout companies associated with Major League Soccer (MLS). Lives in Buenos Airesbut was “returned” from NOW at the Perla del Pacífico for the commemorative match of the thirtieth anniversary of the seventh national championship of the Blues and the leading team that won against Green cross in the city of Manta, which will be played on Monday, June 12.

Raúl Marcovich: Kléber Fajardo, ‘Pepo’ Morales and Enrique Verduga keep the idea of ​​the 1993 game intact in their minds

“I’m happy because we’ve been planning this game for a long time, it can finally be a warm-up game, a I am glad to meet again with friends and people from Emelec, whom we love and who love us very much”the unforgettable mixed midfielder told EL UNIVERSO.

When talking to him about Ecuadorian football, the talk of the 1993 championship with Emelec is undeniable, the first major title of his career in his second international experience outside of Argentina.

Double on Capwell for Emelec vs. Gualaceo and commemorative match of blue celebrations against those of Green Cross

He remembers the best moments of the stage Salvador Capitano and Raul Marcovich in the technical direction of the millionaire team.

“It was so ingrained in us and it served us our entire career when they left, some who are technicians implemented it in their teams, so we have it so embedded in our heads that it was not necessary (technical interview), he put each of us in his position: ‘People, do you remember? Yes, we remember everything’. The truth is that we are happy, and I hope that in the game I can bring out some of what we did for people who come to remember those moments.”he expressed.

It will be a success on Monday when the blue celebrations meet again at the Capwell pitch.

“Ten years ago we gathered to eat together Nassib Neme and with the leaders of that moment, the idea came to make something better, something bigger, something that we can share with people since the day we became champions, we couldn’t go on the Olympic tour because of so many people, the stadium was packed. And the idea is a bit like that, to share with fans, to do the Olympic round, to get medals that we didn’t get then“, he revealed.

He pepo he smiles when asked if his heart is more emelecista or barcelonista; and appeals to diplomacy: “It’s a job, I’ve always been a professional, so I’m most grateful to both institutions, I adore them and I always wish them well.”

Marcelo Morales was a double champion with both jerseys, in 1993 and 1994 with Emelec, and in 1995 and 1997 with Barcelona SC. With the yellows, he reached the sub-championship of the league Cup Libertadores-1998.

A match of glory Emelec before other figures Green cross will be an introduction to the match on the fourteenth day Pro League Serie A, in which Bombillo is measured on Monday, June 12, with Gualaceo SC for vital points in the table to keep both away from the specter of relegation.

The preliminary match is scheduled for 16:00, and the final match at 19:00.