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Fitness trainer advised workout for the laziest

Fitness trainer advised workout for the laziest

Fitness trainer Ekonomtseva advised push-ups and squats for lazy athletes

Fitness trainer Natalia Ekonomtseva advised a workout for the laziest amateur athletes. Her words are quoted by Men Today.

First you need to do push-ups: you need to take an emphasis while lying down, tighten your abs, buttocks and hips and, on bent arms, lower yourself as low as possible to the floor. Further, the expert suggested performing leg raises, in which it is necessary to stand up straight, bend one leg at the knee and sharply raise it as high as possible. Then you need to do the same with the other leg.

Then Ekonomtseva advised me to do squats and press exercises. The latest were jumps in emphasis, in which
from a standing position, you need to sit down and transfer the body weight to your hands. Then, in a jump, you need to move your legs back, then in another jump, return to the starting position.

On May 30, Russian fighter Eduard Kuzminov revealed that Rocky pull-ups are a great exercise for developing arm strength. The main feature of this exercise is that the lifts are performed alternately behind and in front of the horizontal bar.

Source: Lenta

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