Argentinian Miguel Rondelli emphasized that he has remained firm as the technical director of Club Sport Emelec until now. His continuity in the blue box is questionable due to the seven matches he has collected without a win (two in the Copa Sudamericana and five in the Pro League).

Electric fans via social media have asked the board, led by businessman José Pileggi Véliz, to take on a different coach for the second half of this season.

Copa Sudamericana: this is how the position table of the Emelec group, which is fighting for passage to the round of 16 of the tournament, looks like this

“I will never give up. I don’t consider myself a person who gives up on a challenge or a challenge. So I’m not competent to answer that,” commented DT Rondelli after last night’s 2 o’clock equalizer the Blues won against Huracán in Buenos Aires, for Group B of the Copa Sudamericana.

“Miguel Rondelli came to Emelec because he was cheap”, is the fierce criticism of Esteban Dreer, the former blue goalkeeper, against the Argentinian coach

“I don’t know where the doubts come from. Talk to management, but no one talked to me during the week. I worked in the best way and we came looking for a result. I leave Argentina more than proud of the game my players had,” he added.

Does he stay or go? This is José Pileggi, president of Emelec, responding to the situation in which coach Miguel Rondelli finds himself

After the tie against Huracán, Emelec alone depends on the South American’s place in the round of 16. The pointer, Guaraní, has 7 units; followed by Globus, 5 (+2 goal difference); bulb, 5 (-1); and the Danube, 4 (-1).

Bombillo’s next match is against Guarani on Wednesday, June 7 (9 p.m.) at the George Capwell Stadium, and they must win to stay in the fight for a place in the round of 16 of the tournament.

While in the national championship, luck is different: it is fourteenth, with 9 points, without any option to finish in the first five places in the Pro League.

Regarding this crisis of results, Pileggi commented: “We have supported Professor Rondelli since the beginning of our management, because with him we are betting on a new and different project in Emelec. He had difficulties, like the players who suffered injuries, and we have to be consistent with that”.

“He didn’t present us with any special situation with his resignation and we can’t say that we pointed anything out to him in this regard. We will wait (to see) how events unfold before making any statements,” the blue president concluded. (D)