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Manchester United willing to pay Casemiro $100,800,000 for a five-year contract


The possible departure of Casemiro to Manchester United enters decisive hours. At Old Trafford they are pressing to know an answer as soon as possible so that he can even play on Monday against Liverpool, the Brazilian’s silence is causing discomfort in Real Madrid and in England, from the surroundings of the red devils, it slips that the signing is closer. As far as he could tell ACEin the white entity feels that Casemiro’s possible goodbye is going to become a reality.

Madrid, at the moment, do not even know from Casemiro that they have United’s firm proposal and what conditions that offer has. Everything is being through third parties, but the situation, currently under control for the public, will no longer be this Friday. The morning will be the last session, Ancelotti has to provide the list for Balaídos and also face his first appearance in front of the media since United went for his player.

If Case travels to Vigo and plays, he would risk the mega-contract that the English club has put on the table for him (five years, almost 100 million euros gross, $100,834,000).

The Brazilian and his coach will have to make a decision this Friday… but the midfielder’s ambiguity is also generating unease in the locker room. Madrid, from the offices, is looking for alternatives just in case.

Meanwhile, in parallel, from England there is more and more information coming from United’s environment in which positive signs of progress in the signing are released. The British entity wants it as a coup against Liverpool on Monday, even if it is in the stands, to quell the social fire of pure discontent among the fans.

Casemiro is the most possible operation of the network that Manchester has launched for half of Europe (Joao Félix himself, Rabiot, Meunier…) and as the hours pass and the period that Casemiro is taking to meditate is interpreted as a more real progress every minute.


Source: Eluniverso



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