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Messi’s father denies agreement with Saudi Arabia team: “There is absolutely nothing with anyone”

Messi’s father denies agreement with Saudi Arabia team: “There is absolutely nothing with anyone”

After the AFP agency disclosed the information that Lionel Messi would have closed a deal to play in Saudi Arabia in the next season, the player’s father and agent wrote in a note that “there is absolutely nothing agreed with anyone”.

“There is absolutely nothing with any club for next year. The decision will never be taken before Lionel finishes the championship with PSG. Once the season is over, it will be time to analyze and see what is happening and then make a decision,” he wrote. Jorge Messi this Tuesday.

“There are always rumors and many use Lionel’s name to gain notoriety, but the truth is one and we can assure you that nothing has been agreed with anyone. Neither verbal, nor signed, nor agreed. And there won’t be until the end of the season” , added Messi’s father.

At the end of the contract with Paris Saint GermainLionel Messi is not interested in renewing his bond, which ends in June 2023. In the last week, the Argentine traveled to Saudi Arabia with his family without the authorization of the French club’s board.

PSG punished Messi with a two-week ban from activities, but after an apology published on social media, the player was reinstated to the rest of the squad in this Monday.

“It seems disrespectful to me that there are those who consciously and deliberately mislead without presenting any proof of their statements and wanting to turn any malicious rumor into news or that is directed by someone in favor of their interests. They would have to explain why they do not contrast the information… They don’t want a truth to spoil their ‘news'”, completed Jorge Messi.

Messi’s future, therefore, has been speculated on by different teams in world football. The Spanish press recently reported that Al-Hilal made a proposal of 400 million euros per year to have the Argentine.

In addition to the Saudi club, his former club, Barcelonais also one of those interested in signing the star for next season and would have presented a financial plan to the Spanish League to assess the feasibility of an agreement.

Source: Gazetaesportiva

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