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Mário Bittencourt reveals that Fluminense’s squad asks for Thiago Silva’s arrival

Mário Bittencourt reveals that Fluminense’s squad asks for Thiago Silva’s arrival

O Fluminense lives a great phase in the season. The arrival of left-back Marcelo increased the power of the tricolor squad. Now, the fans dream of the return of another idol: Thiago Silva, as the defender hinted that he will not remain in European football next season.

President Mário Bittencourt was questioned about the matter and admitted that the squad asks for the hiring of Thiago Silva.

“What can I say today? He has a contract until 2024 and at the moment there is nothing. Of course, things in football are dynamic. For example, Marcelo, I said that the planning was that he would come in the middle of the year, but things they changed there, he terminated it before. So it’s a dream, yes, due to window reasons it could only come in the middle of the year. But if by chance we walk there in a way, and we feel that he is going to interrupt the bond and that he can bring it this year, to further strengthen the team competing in all competitions, we will try”, said the president to Sportv.

Thiago Silva left Fluminense in 2008, when he moved to Milan. Since then he has become one of the best defenders in world football, having also played for PSG and by Chelseawhere he has been playing since 2020. In the current season, even at the age of 38, the defender is a starter and a fundamental part of the London team.

Mário Bittencourt knows the size of the player that Thiago has become since he left Fluminense, and he also understands the good phase the club is going through. Thus, the president spoke about seeking to win important titles to try to convince the defender to return to Brazil.

“Take the opportunity to invite him, if you want to interrupt there and come get the title of liberators, Brazil’s Cup e Brazilian, we will welcome you with open arms. Of course, within our conditions, just as Marcelo came, under the conditions of average revenue, a sheet still below many clubs that are vying for the title. And I won’t deny that he has contact, yes, with the players, with Marcão, everyone talks a lot. Our group is very different, it wants players to come. Everyone really wanted Marcelo to come and Thiago to come. The players talk to him: ‘Come soon’, completed Mário.

Fluminense returns to the field this Saturday, against Fortalezain Castelão, for the Brazilian Championship.

Source: Gazetaesportiva

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