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FIFA announces Peru’s withdrawal from U-17 World Cup organization

FIFA announces Peru’s withdrawal from U-17 World Cup organization

With just over seven months to go before the start of the U-17 World Cup, FIFA announced that Peru will no longer be responsible for hosting the competition. This Monday, the organization stated that it spoke with the local federation and decided to withdraw the organization of the tournament from the country’s hands.

The decision came after FIFA assessed that Peru was unable to present the necessary infrastructure to host the World Cup. The government did not meet all agreed commitments and could not guarantee that all necessary work would be completed on time.

Despite the change of venue, the tournament is still scheduled to take place between November 10 and December 2, 2023. Football’s governing body also said it would evaluate a new host for the U-17 World Cup, but did not clarify how soon. .

Peru’s withdrawal comes less than a week after FIFA also withdrew the organization from the Sub 20 world of Indonesia, after a political imbroglio involving a boycott of the Israeli national team. Argentina is the main candidate to host the tournament, which was scheduled to take place between May 20 and June 11.

Check out the full note:

FIFA has regrettably withdrawn Peru’s hosting rights for the 2023 FIFA U-17 World Cup™ following extensive discussions between FIFA and the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF). The tournament remains scheduled to run from 10 November to 2 December 2023, but the FIFA Council Bureau will now designate a new host in due course. The move was due to the host nation’s inability to meet its commitments to complete the necessary infrastructure to host the tournament. Despite a very positive working relationship between FIFA and the FPF, it has been determined that there is now not enough time to secure the necessary investment and complete the necessary work with the Peruvian government before the tournament start date. FIFA would like to express its thanks to the FPF for its efforts.

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