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Pulisic leads the United States’ thrashing of Grenada in the Concacaf League of Nations

Pulisic leads the United States’ thrashing of Grenada in the Concacaf League of Nations

This Friday, the United States maintained their invincibility and beat Grenada, by 7-1, at the Kirani James Athletic Stadium, in Grenada, in the Caribbean, for the fifth round of the CONCACAF League of Nations. The goals were scored by Pepi (twice), McKennie (twice), Aaronson, Pulisic and Zendejas. Hyppolite made it to the opponent.

The USA team has seven points and is at the top of group D, with seven points added. On the other side, Grenada is in the key flashlight, with only one.

The United States opened the scoring before five minutes of the first half. Pulisic received on the left, made a good move and crossed in the area, finding Pepi, who headed to swing the net. At 20, the USA did one more. Aaronson received from Pulisic, invaded the area, opened space and finished to Belfon’s goal.

Ten minutes later, Pulisic took a free kick in the area, McKennie dominated and scored the third goal for the Americans. Then the home team decreased with Hyppolite He received from Berkeley and dropped a bomb from the entrance to the area. At 34, McKennie took advantage of another chance and scored the fourth goal for the USA. Again, the number 10 of the USA launched the boal in the area, Reynolds fixed it with his head and the Leeds United player completed the move.

Four minutes into the second half, Pulisic, who had played a role in all the previous goals, finally left his. De la Torre received it at the entrance to the area and played for the number 10, who finished. The goalkeeper still tried to defend, but failed and saw the USA score the fifth goal. Then Pepi made the sixth after receiving free in the attacking field.

The USA still scored the eighth goal in the 27th minute. Grenada’s defense faltered on the ball and Zendejas took the opportunity to close the rout.

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