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Bidasoa takes the victory and leads Sporting de Portugal by 3 goals (30-27)

Bidasoa takes the victory and leads Sporting de Portugal by 3 goals (30-27)

Bidasoa takes the victory and leads Sporting de Portugal by 3 goals (30-27)

Euskaraz irakurri: Bidasoak garaipena lortu du eta 3 goal ateratzen dizkio Sporting Portugali (30-27)

Bidasoa-Irún got the victory (30-27) against a Sporting from Portugal favorite of this round, he partly controlled the Costa brothers, budding talents at 20 years old and authors of 15 of his team’s 27 goals, to maintain options to enter the quarterfinals.

The game did not start well for the locals, their coach Jacobo Cuétara saw it so badly that after three minutes he had called a time-out, to put order in the game of his squad.

Bidasoa, nervous and unsuccessful in attack, struggled and hoped that the Portuguese, at the rate set by the talent of the Costa, would not open a gap on the scoreboard, but to do so they had to greatly improve their performance.

To make things weirder the game was stopped due to complaints from the Portuguese bench about a track that they considered to be slippery and that compromised the health of the players. The decision and federative consultations would be delayed half an hour until the resumption is confirmed of the meeting

Things progressed adequately for Bidasoa after the break, Sporting began to have problems up frontbut the offensive success was lacking in a yellow team that went to rest one down (11-12)albeit with the options intact.

arose the best version of the Gipuzkoans in a second period that they dominatedalthough the objective was not only victory, but to add the highest rent possible for the return and that is how those from Cuétara and the fans that practically filled Artaleku.

the final stretch moved between two and four goals of advantage for Bidasoa, who only partially controlled the scoring fecundity of Kiko and Martín Costa to obtain a positive result for the final assault next Tuesday in Portugal.

Data sheet:

30.- Bidasoa-Irun: Skrzyniarz (Mehdi), Zabala (3), Asier Nieto (3), Azkue (6), Cavero (3, 2nd pen.), Matheus da Silva (3), Aginagalde (4), Ugarte (2), Rodrigo Salinas (4), Pacheco, Tao Gey (1), Victor Rodriguez (1), Furundarena, Gorka Nieto, Dariel Garcia.

27.- Sporting from Portugal: Leo Maciel (Kristensen), Edney Silva (5), Araujo, Francisco Costa (8, 2 pen.), Martín Costa (7), Natán Suárez, Walczak (1), Ruesga, Salvador (1), Folques (1) , Vag (1), Mamadou Gassama, (2) Tavares (1 pen.), Mocquais, Almeida.

Arbitration: Brkic and Jusufhodzic (Austria). They disqualified Dariel García (min. 50) for three exclusions. They excluded Furundarena, Salvador, Edney Silva, Vag and Folques (2).

Markers every five minutes: 1-2; 4-5; 5-6; 7-8; 9-10; 11-12- break- 15-13; 17-14; 20-18; 21-20; 26-24; 30-27.

Source: Eitb

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