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Buffon reveals he was close to Barcelona before signing with Juventus

Buffon reveals he was close to Barcelona before signing with Juventus

Legendary Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon revealed in an interview with the channel BoboTVon YouTube, that he was close to closing with the Barcelona and aroused the interest of Roma before closing with Juventusem 2001.

“Roma and Barça loved me, I was about to go to Spain, we were close,” said the current Parma goalkeeper.

However, even with the offers at the time, Buffon says he does not regret going to Juventus and recognizes it as the “best decision” made in his career.

“Juve made me reach the top. It was the best decision of my career, my father and my agent helped me make it. My father said that Juve was the best decision, because they had not won a “Scudetto” for five years. ” (actually, it was three years without an Italian title) and they won again. It was like that”, said the 45-year-old athlete.

Gianluigi Buffon kept goal for Juventus from 2001 to 2018, when he transferred to Paris Saint-Germain. At that time, “Gigi” felt that this was “the most beautiful experience of her life” and regrets not having won a Champions League with the French club.

“It was the most beautiful experience of my life. I felt like a free man. I learned French right away, talked to people on the street, visited museums. I had the feeling of playing for a great team”, he highlighted.

“Leaving (PSG) was the biggest mistake of my life. At that PSG I was convinced that we would have won the Champions League. We were superior. We went to Manchester to play the first round of 16 match with United and we dominated, but they eliminated us in the second leg and that was the biggest disappointment of my career”, revealed the goalkeeper.

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