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Yuri Dmytrulin: I saw how they plundered my house. “They left the electronics untouched”


The 47-year-old told in an interview for the Ukrainian Sport Arena TV that Russian soldiers were carrying the collected loot in bags. There was a former footballer who now works as a coach for children’s groups in Dynamo Kyiv also admitted that the most pain he had caused was stealing football shirts from his idols.

The former Dynamo Kyiv footballer told about the theft of the Russians

Dmytrulin told about the details of the looting. – The camera in my house was working from time to time. It charged itself with sunlight and at one point it turned on. The recordings showed that three people were leaving the gate and carrying bags. Most likely, they were soldiers from the great Russian army, allegedly the second best in the world, he ironically commented.

He then added that the Russian occupiers did not steal everything they found. – There is not a single blanket left in the house. Electronics, however, were not touched. The only thing stolen from my son Nikita was that they took all the components out of the computer, leaving only the power supply. They also took a few medals that he won in junior tournaments, he continued.

Dmytrulin lost the shirts of Rivaldo, Thuram and Voronin

Later in the conversation, Dmytrulin admitted that the Russians had stolen his commemorative T-shirts. – No Rivaldo, Thuram and Voronin shirts. There are traces of their shoes on the beds, they also left rations and chevrons. I feel sorry for the shirts the most, he said.

The theft of a T-shirt was especially painful for him. He received it after a 4-0 win against. Though the Catalans kept pushing through the match, they were unable to score the honorable goal. After the final whistle, Rivaldo sat down on the turf and hid his face in his hands. I walked over to him and held out my hand to help him up. He put it off. I smiled and walked away. After the game, however, he came to me and exchanged shirts. A year later he won the Golden Ball, so it is doubly sad that his T-shirt was stolen from me – added Dmytrulin.

Already in the first days of the invasion of the 9-time Ukrainian champion with Dynamo Kyiv, he recorded an emotional message to the Russians. He called on them to publicly oppose the war and overthrow the bloody regime of Vladimir Putin.

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