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Former São Paulo goalkeeper shines, and Fortaleza loses to Cerro for Pré-Libertadores

Former São Paulo goalkeeper shines, and Fortaleza loses to Cerro for Pré-Libertadores

O Fortaleza got complicated in the search for a vacancy in the liberators of 2023 when he was defeated by Cerro Porteño in the first leg of the third and final phase of the tournament qualifying. At Arena Castelão, the Paraguayans had a penalty saved by goalkeeper Jean, formerly of São Paulo, and a goal by Churín to win by 1-0. a tie.

In the last edition of the Libertadores, Fortaleza reached the round of 16, when it was eliminated by Estudiantes, from Argentina. Now, you need to reverse the result to have a chance to repeat the feat. The Northeasterners will have another important match on Sunday. At 6:30 pm (Brasília time), the team faces the rail away from home in the first leg of the semifinals of the Ceará Championship.

In the return leg, the Paraguayans will have the field command advantage and a draw is enough to get a place in the 2023 Libertadores. Cerro Porteño returns to the field on Monday, when they face Sportivo Luqueño for the Paraguayan Championship.

The game

Right at the beginning of the match, at 3 minutes of the first half, Fortaleza had a penalty scored in their favor. With the help of VAR the referee reversed the decision. The hosts had the first big opportunity to score in the 18th minute. Calebe received it, went over the mark and ended up knocked down inside the area. The penalty was awarded. Thiago Galhardo took responsibility and bet on dropping a bomb in the middle of the goal, but saw goalkeeper Jean stand still and make the save.

Cerro Porteño responded at 26, with Carrizo. The midfielder was launched inside the area, dominated and turned a beautiful volley towards the goal. The linesman, however, signaled offside in the bid. VAR was checked, but the field decision was maintained. At 33, the Paraguayans scored again, this time in a regular play. Carrizo crossed from the right and Churín went free in the small area to head, 1 to 0.

Back from the break, Fortaleza went on top. At 9, Lion invaded the area and dropped a bomb into the goal. Jean made another great save. Shortly after, the hosts got an important advantage. Benevenuto cleared the ball in defense and Rivas stepped on his ankle, who arrived too late. The referee went to the VAR booth and expelled the Paraguayan player.

With one more player, the northeasterns grew in the game. At 17, Titi put Calebe in front of the goal. The midfielder tried to take it away from Jean with a low shot, but the goalkeeper made a good save with his feet. At 27 minutes it was Tinga’s turn to stop at the opponent’s archer. Shortly after, the winger tried again and sent it to the left of the goal.

Fortaleza’s last opportunity came at 39 minutes. After exchanging quick passes at the entrance to the area, the ball reached Yago Pikachu, who tried to finish, but was stopped by Cerro Porteño’s defense. The Paraguayans wasted the chance to kill the game at 42, when


Local: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza (CE)
Data: March 9, 2023 (Thursday)
Time: 20:00 (from Brasilia)
Referee: Facundo Tello (ARG)
Assistants: Ezequiel Brailovsky (ARG) e Gabriel Chade (ARG)
WAS: Mauro Vigliano (ARG)
Public: 42.285

Yellow cards: Thiago Galhardo and Lucas Crispim (Fortaleza); Wilder Viera and Jean (Cerro Porteño)
cards red: Rivas (Cerro Porteño)

Goals: Churín, at 33′ of the 1st quarter (Cerro Porteño)

FORTALEZA: Fernando Miguel; Tinga, Marcelo Benevenuto, Titi and Bruno Pacheco (Lucas Crispim); Caio Alexandre, Hercules (Yago Pikachu), Pochettino and Caleb; Romarinho (Guilherme) and Thiago Galhardo (Lucero)
Technician: John Paul Vojvoda

PORTEÑO HILL: John; Espinola, Patino, Baez and Rivas; Cardozo Lucena (Samudio), Wilder Viera, Aquino (Bobadilla) and Carrizo (Galeano); Children (Piris da Motta) and Morales (Gimenez)
Technician: Facundo Sava

Source: Gazetaesportiva

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