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Uruguay coach says his team did not fall to Argentina, but every day the road to Qatar remains less

Charrúa coach indicates that perhaps they are at a time when they are paying dearly for mistakes.

The Uruguay coach, Oscar Tabárez, highlighted that his team “it did not fall”After the goal in the 0-1 defeat this Friday against Argentina for the World Cup, but regretted that “there is less and less left ”on the road to Qatar-2022.

“The team did not fall (…). They kept looking until the end, there was a good collective performance, outstanding individual performances of some footballers ”, highlighted the ‘Maestro’ about the celestial performance in the Campeón del Siglo stadium.

“Maybe we are at a time when we are paying dearly for mistakes“, lament.

However, he opined that “we must not give space to negative thoughts” and assured that the performance of his team shows that there is how “fix it for the games to come”.

“The dramatic circumstance is that there is less and less” in the South American qualifiers “and the results have not yet arrived.”

Tabárez, whose position was in question after the hard defeats and the pale image that Celeste left on the last triple date, said that both he like the players wanted “revenge”.

“We did not get the result, but we demonstrated things to ourselves (…) I was convinced of who the footballers are, the commitment they have, the ability to challenge themselves.”

We made defensive and offensive merits“, I consider.

“That the ball does not enter are circumstances of football. They can be streaks, the good thing about streaks is that they finally end ”. (D)

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