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“This is how Poles went down in history.”  Kubacki and… great celebration [WIDEO]

“This is how Poles went down in history.” Kubacki and… great celebration [WIDEO]

“This is how Poles went down in history.”  Kubacki and… great celebration [WIDEO]

On Saturday, February 11, the first duet competition in the history of the World Cup took place. This is a new form of “team competition” in which jumpers compete in pairs. Thomas Thurnbichler bet on Dawid Kubacki and Piotr Żyła. .

Dawid Kubacki and Piotr Żyła won the duo competition. “This is how Poles went down in history”

In the first series the Poles showed decent jumps. The competitor from Cieszyn was the first to sit on the beam and landed on 123.5 m. In turn, the leader of our team soared on 128 m. However, this was not enough to take the lead. The Austrians did even better, beating the White-and-Reds by 11.1 points.

While in the second round the Poles maintained a good level, because Żyła jumped 122.5 m, and Kubacki 127 m, their most dangerous rivals could not do it. Thanks to this, our team took the lead, which it did not give up until the end. In the third attempt, Żyła landed on 127.5 m, which was the farthest jump in his group. The victory in the first historical duet competition was sealed by Kubacki.

It took the Pole about 121 m to keep the lead from the previous round. However, the 32-year-old landed much further, brutally depriving his rivals of hope. In the end, he reached 127 m. “There will be, there will be a win. That’s right!” – commentators of Eurosport were excited, and there was an uproar in the stands of the American hill. This is mainly due to the crowd of Poles who visited Lake Placid. – This may be an unpopular opinion, but in my opinion it looks better than in Wisła – .

After landing, Kubacki fell into the arms of Piotr ¯y³a, and there was no end to the joy. Both of them laughed and raised their hands in triumph, and the whole event was recorded by cameras. This is undoubtedly the number one sports topic in Poland today. You can watch the special Eurosport video below. “It was a beautiful competition, we will never forget it. This is how Poles went down in history” – the recording was titled.

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. Austria remains the leader, followed by Norway. Kubacki has special reasons to be happy after Saturday’s duet competition. The Pole received the best individual score and won in the unofficial individual classification of the competition. However, the results do not count towards the general classification of the World Cup. .

The Pole will have a chance to compensate for the loss to the Norwegian on Sunday, February 12. The second individual competition in Lake Placid is scheduled for 16:00. It will be preceded by qualifying, which will start at 14:45. We invite you to follow the coverage on the homepage and in the LIVE mobile application.

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