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Borek comments: “It was sick.” £aszczyk’s rival carried out on a stretcher

– You do not see it, but everything indicates that Amadeus “Ferrari” will be carried out on a stretcher – . And in fact: it was not visible in the broadcast, but the camera of “Super Express” captured the moment when “Ferrari” after the defeat with Kamil Łaszczyk, accompanied by medics, is carried out of the octagon on a stretcher.

The first two rounds didn’t herald such an end at all. “Ferrari”, i.e. an amateur athlete – or maybe even sooner a party-goer and celebrity – coped well with Łaszczyk, a professional boxer who won 32 boxing fights and never lost any.

But on Friday, it wasn’t boxing, it was MMA. And “Ferrari” used this for two rounds – he quickly overthrew Łaszczyk and scored on the ground floor. Until the end of the third round, when the tables were reversed. Łaszczyk finally freed himself from the grip and covered “Ferrari” with blows. What’s interesting: not standing up, so in his plane, only on the ground floor. The referee awarded him the win with eight seconds left in the fight.

Łaszczyk comments on the victory with “Ferrari” at the Fame MMA 17 gala

– It’s hard to prepare in a month and a half. This is a different sport than boxing. I think I won with character – said Łaszczyk hot after the fight in an interview with “”. Mateusz Borek, Łaszczyk’s promoter and co-owner of “Kanał Sportowy”, listened to everything from the side, who watched his fighter’s fight right next to the octagon, but before that he sat in the stands, including .

– It is often a paradox that an athlete, getting to a different field – I don’t know why – but tries to focus more on new elements than on what is his base sport and greatest weapon – noted Borek in the context of Łaszczyk.

And he further analyzed the course of the fight: – Kamil was unable to catch the distance for more than two rounds, pull out a combination and catch “Ferrari”. that he could even maintain it if the cardio matched, but it was clearly visible – looking at the clock 90 seconds before the end – that he was fighting primarily with his body. , catch it three times and box it a bit.

Borek after winning Łaszczyk on Fame MMA: It was sick

And Łaszczyk caught it, literally at the last moment. – From the point of view of the promoters of the Fame MMA federation, it seems to me that this is a dream situation for a rematch – added Borek and did not rule out that Łaszczyk, who returns to boxing in April, will still appear in the Fame MMA federation.

This is for Łaszczyk – although he did not hide from the beginning that he enters the octagon and is associated with the freak fight federation only for money – is a completely new world. But for Borek, who deals primarily with boxing and also professional MMA, also.

I had fun, but it was sick. It was “sick”, as the Americans say – laughed Borek, who watched the Fame MMA gala on Friday. The same as Wednesday’s press conference, which was also held in Krakow ().

Fame MMA 17 – fight results:

  • Michael “Boxdel” Baron room Paweł “President of FEN” Jóźwiak by TKO, 2nd round (Jóźwiak refused to fight) – Roman Cage
  • Kamil “Szczurek” Łaszczyk room Amadeusz “Ferrari” Roślik by TKO (strikes), 3rd round
  • Waclaw “Wac Toja” Osiecki room Sebastian “Alterboy” Fabijański by KO, 1st round – fight in K-1
  • Tomasz “Gimper” Department room Cezary “Czarmageddon” Jóźwik by unanimous decision of the judges
  • Alan Kwiecinski room Maksymilian “Wiewióra” Squirrel by KO, 2nd round – fight in K-1
  • Robert Karas room Filip “Filipek” Marcinek by unanimous decision of the judges – fight in K-1
  • Piotr “Szeli” Szeliga room Marcin “Polish Zombie” Wrzosek by TKO (probably broken arm) – 1st round, fight in K-1
  • Marcin “Rafonix” Krasucki room Mikołaj “Mixer” Magdziarz via submission (rear-naked choke), 1st round
  • Klaudia “Sheeya” Kołodziejczyk room Wiktoria “Wiki” Jaroniewska by TKO (punches), 1st round

Source: Sport.PL


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