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The effectiveness of the workout that became viral on TikTok was appreciated

The coach rated walking on the track to the music that went viral on TikTok positively

Trainer Elle Wermuth spoke about the effectiveness of the workout popular on TikTok, which has spread under the hashtag TreadmillStrut. Her words are quoted by the New York Post.

The specialist positively assessed the workout that has become viral on the network, which includes walking on the track to music at different speeds. “You don’t have to sweat to get a good workout,” Wermuth said, and stressed that walking helps tone the entire body and gets the blood pumping.

Vermuth encouraged everyone to try this workout. “This is an amazing trend – [она] makes people get up and move their bodies, that’s the point. The hardest thing is just to get up and start moving,” she said.

The #TreadmillStrut workout trend was launched by Ellie Bennett in the spring of 2022. She created a 30-minute playlist of Taylor Swift songs and posted it on Spotify, along with a suggested treadmill speed for each song. At the same time, the playlist is formed in such a way that the running speed gradually increases.

Earlier, the director of the fitness club, Eva Peña, called the benefits of exercising barefoot. She noted that exercising without shoes helps to increase the stability of the legs and body, as well as improve coordination. Trainer Dave Mays added that beginners should start exercising by walking barefoot for five minutes a day around the house.

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