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The POC responded to the words of Kokorin about the benefits of prison

Human rights activist Merkacheva: a normal person does not need to go through the experience of prison

A normal person does not need to go through the prison experience. And in general, it is desirable for no one to go through it, said a member of the Human Rights Council (HRC) under the President of Russia, a member of the Public Monitoring Commission (POC) of Moscow, Eva Merkacheva. This is how the human rights activist responded to the words about the benefits of prison.

Prison ≠ good school

On February 1, the Russian striker of the Cypriot “Aris” Alexander Kokorin spoke about the benefits of prison. The football player said that he did not regret that he had such an experience, and called it a good school.

I don’t believe that prison makes people better. She may be making her stronger, but not all of this prison test passes. I would even say that most people do not pass

Eva Merkachevahuman rights activist

“Personality breaks down in prison. The perpetrator is already either wounded or sick. He does not respect himself, he does not respect others. A person ends up in prison, where he is most often forced to follow awkward orders, punished for not saying hello 30 times, and much, much more. As a result, he is released even more painfully,” Merkacheva is convinced.

The human rights activist said that in prison prisoners are not helped to get rid of aggression and harshness, they are not helped to develop as individuals so that they no longer commit crimes. On the contrary, more people are maimed in prison, she added.

“Today, the main problem is that we need to rehabilitate all those who are released. This has not been done, but now the law has been passed, and perhaps it will all start to work. This is an important aspect,” said a member of the PMC of Moscow.

Kokorin’s experience

At the same time, Merkacheva shared that she visited Kokorin and saw the conditions in which the football player was serving his sentence.

He served his sentence in conditions where no one pressed him. It seems to be like the rules are the same, but someone is punished for something, but someone is not touched

Eva Merkachevahuman rights activist

“Everything was transparent with Kokorin. They had one of the best cells in “Butyrka” (Butyrsky Detention Facility/SIZO No. approx. “Tapes.ru”), in my opinion, even the best. Then, when they were in the colony, I also came to them, they were sitting like everyone else. But it was an adequate colony. I didn’t see the horror there, when people are starving, when people are not being treated, ”said the interlocutor of Lenta.ru.

A member of the HRC is convinced that the footballer was lucky with the conditions, so he talks about the ideal story of being in prison.

We have so many colonies in the country where they do not provide medical care, where they torture, where they rape. What will happen to a person if he ends up in such a colony? I don’t think he will come out and say that prison is a cool school and every man should go through it.

Eva Merkachevahuman rights activist

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Also, the former football player of Zenit and the Russian national team Vladislav Radimov also reacted to the words of Kokorin. “Every normal man should serve time? Let everyone be responsible for themselves. I don’t want to go to jail,” Radimov replied. The ex-player added that it is better to obey the laws.

In 2018, Kokorin with his younger brother Kirill and football player Pavel Mamaev staged two fights in the center of Moscow. As a result of the incident, the athletes were convicted and spent ten months in a pre-trial detention center and two more in prison, after which they were released on parole.

Source: Lenta


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