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Coaches called the benefits of exercising barefoot

Trainers say barefoot exercise improves coordination and strengthens legs

The director of the fitness club, Eva Peña, called the benefits of exercising barefoot. Their words are quoted by Verywell Fit.

Peña noted that exercising without shoes helps to increase the stability of the legs and body, as well as improve coordination. “Returning to nature, re-learning movement patterns and improving muscle interaction increases the activation of proprioreceptors (nerve endings in the musculoskeletal system that respond to muscle movement – approx. “Tapes.ru”) and takes coordination, stability and balance to the next level,” she said.

Peña stressed that barefoot training engages all the muscles in the foot, which is not always possible in shoes. Such exercises strengthen the legs and make the foot more mobile.

Trainer Dave Mays added that beginners should start exercising by walking barefoot for five minutes a day around the house. “Then gradually introduce barefoot workouts by doing shorter workouts, warming up your feet before starting, and constantly thinking about proper foot shape and position,” he said.

Previously, scientists at the University of Sydney have shown that light physical activity, such as climbing stairs or outdoor games with children, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by an average of 50 percent, and cancer by 40 percent. It is clarified that three periods of activity per day lasting a few minutes are enough for this.

Source: Lenta


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