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Future Star Cards in FIFA 23. Kiwior, Zalewski and Kamiñski can be awarded

A permanent element of the Ultimate Team mode for several years is the series of Future Stars. EA Sports grants special cards to promising players who bode a great future. Many of these hits came true, although there were also misses. This year there are several Poles who could be included in the group of Future Stars in FIFA 23.

Polish accents among Future Stars in FIFA 23?

EA Sports has officially announced the upcoming series of Future Stars. So far, everything in Ultimate Team revolves around the team of the year cards, but soon it will be young blood that will take over the lead on virtual pitches. Players already have the opportunity to try to get the first prizes and bonuses related to the event, and soon the packs will get what everyone likes the most – special players.

Over the years, EA has often very accurately selected talents with a bright future. Future Stars were joined by players like Vinicius Junior, Jude Bellingham and Erling Haaland. There were also complete slip-ups, with Patrick Cutrone and Luka Jovic being quoted. However, this is the whole fun and not everything can be predicted perfectly.

This year, Polish players have someone to keep their fingers crossed for. The candidatures of Jakub Kiwior and Nicola Zalewski are very strong, as they have been making steady progress in recent months, becoming more and more recognizable players. EA likes to spot names like that, and these two have the best chance of being recognized.

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We can also keep our fingers crossed for Jakub Kamiñski, who is already a permanent element in Wolfsburg’s starting lineup. “Wolves” are doing great in 2023, currently being just outside the zone awarded with European cups.

Including any of the Poles in the group of Future Stars would be a nice accent, because so far no footballer from our country has managed to do so in the history of the entire series of cards. The closest to this achievement was Krzysztof Piątek in FIFA 19. The striker then went to a special community vote, but in the end he was not chosen by the players, which left him without a card.

Source: Sport.PL


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