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A racist scandal. White team only. “As long as I’m the director”

According to , Ivanov’s words met with widespread opposition in Bulgaria. A wave of criticism poured out on him on social media. All because of the discrimination of people of a different skin color, because such an informal ban on playing in the colors of the Bulgarian national team should be considered.

Shameful words from one of the bosses of Bulgarian football. “I don’t want them”

This is exactly what Ivanov announced in an interview with National Radio. The technical director does not agree that there are any foreigners in the team and communicated this in the worst possible way. – As long as I am the director, a foreign player with a foreign passport and a different skin color will not play for us. I don’t want players from other countries to replace Bulgarian ones. In other countries they may do this, but for me it is wrong practice, he said.

Bulgarian football is currently experiencing a huge crisis. The national team of this country occupies only 73rd place in the FIFA ranking, recently it only stayed in Division C of the Nations League, where it ranked in the table of its group behind Georgia. In November, only a goalless draw in a friendly against Luxembourg. One of the reasons for such a collapse is seen in too many foreigners in the domestic league.

Ivanov does not back down. “It reflects a rotten and ignorant culture”

Words about players of a different skin color, however, were extremely disgraceful. Despite the opposition of Bulgarian society, Ivanov did not suffer any consequences for them. Moreover, he stayed true to his opinion. “I stand by my words that my desire is to see Bulgaria with Bulgarian players and I believe the fans will agree with that,” he later admitted.

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He was criticized for this by the former captain of the Bulgarian national team, Stilijan Petrov. “I am truly shocked and saddened by the words of our football association’s technical director, which I strongly condemn. This reflects the rotten and ignorant culture that exists among our football leaders today. Football should be for everyone, he told the Sofia Globe.

Source: Sport.PL


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