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“The thing about Felipe Caicedo to Barcelona SC is no more than a rumor, but the transfer book is not closed”

“The thing about Felipe Caicedo to Barcelona SC is no more than a rumor, but the transfer book is not closed”

Carlos Alfaro Moreno denied the rumor that Felipe Caicedo is on Barcelona SC’s radar to be incorporated as a star signing this season; However, the president of the yellows recognized that the book of passes is not yet closed.

The former Inter Milan striker who joined the Abha was linked to the canaries on Wednesday, presumably because his campaign in Saudi Arabia has produced only eleven games (663 minutes) and two goals scored since September 2022 and his contract is about to expire ( June 30th).

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“It is difficult to go out and deny all the rumors and it is not appropriate for the president of Barcelona to refer to proper names. The truth is that it is not closed (the book of passes), we are trying to manage something else before the Yellow Night but it does not keep us up at night. We are very happy with the squad we have, anything that does not affect the budget and can strengthen us will be welcome,” Alfaro Moreno told EL UNIVERSO at the end of the presentation of the squad’s 2023 clothing, this Friday at the Hilton Colon hotel.

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Is it possible to manage the signing of Felipao with a brand? “Not. This is not just a rumor, it has not even been raised, we have not even discussed it, “added the main of the canaries emphatically.

Even though felipao On several occasions he has admitted that he is a fan and member of Barcelona SC, a tentative signing for the yellows does not fit in the current budget of the institution, according to what Alfaro Moreno exposed on January 13, days after the incorporation of Fernando Gaibor. However, the Argentine Francisco Polish Fydriszewski is one step away from signing their contract and the one who could leave the squad is the Ecuadorian Jhon Jairo Cifuente.

“There is no space or money (laughs); that’s the truth. Our budget is full. The cost of the professional staff is around 9.8 million dollars annually. Then there are taxes, logistics and there are other things that increase the budget”.

Instead, this Friday on Caravana Alfaro radio he pointed out: “Today we have the negotiation 90% advanced. What we have discussed with Danny Walker (president of Aucas) is the definitive purchase of the rights to Fydriszewski, and that is where the issue of the money that we have to collect for Michael Carcelén comes in, which was going to be paid through installments this year” .

Regarding Cutthroat Cifuente, he mentions: “The issue of Jhon Jairo is not closed, and I want to emphasize that his departure would be on loan. This is not a barter, because they are not merchandise: they are soccer players”.

The 2023 course the team coach, the Argentine Fabián Bustos, started it with the national strikers Fidel Martínez and Cifuente, the Argentine Jonatan Bauman and the Uruguayan Agustín Rodríguez.


Source: Eluniverso

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