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A removable and “navigable” stadium will welcome fans in Qatar

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The 974 will undoubtedly be the stadium most seen by all those who attend the event.


Detachable and “navigable”, Stadium 974 will be the first major stadium for the 2022 Qatar World Cup that the fans who arrive in the country will see, a sports center with a curious name and design whose star material, maritime cargo containers, will be able to sail the seas again as soon as the event ends.

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974 will undoubtedly be the most viewed stadium by all those who attend the eventan imposing figure that can be seen from practically anywhere in the bay where the city sits and where the largest number of hotels are located.


It is also the closest to Doha airport, an obligatory step to enter or leave the country.

Also, given its peculiar design and conception, it is a stadium that can be seen again in any other place in the world once the cup has an owner and can be dismantledtransported and reinstalled where required.

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And if it is not required, the 974 containers that give it shape and name will be able to return to their usual tasks of transporting goods, since they will have maintained their navigability certificates throughout the process.

Waiting for scrap

Efe was able to see all this during a visit to the facilities of this place with capacity for about 40,000 spectators, impeccable and ready to welcome fans except for some minor works that are missing in the accesses and the parking area.

The idea of ​​the stadium arose from the meetings of the organizing committee with the Spanish architecture studio Fenwick Irribarren, from Madrid, with which the notion “of a temporary stadium, whose nature allows it to be moved to another place after being used as a venue for a mega-event like the World Cup”.

This was explained to Efe by Mohamed Al Atwaan, manager of 974 and responsible for the place being in optimal conditions for Poland-Mexico, their first World Cup match that will take place on November 22.

“With the idea of ​​a temporary stadium, came the idea of ​​using ship containers, which are easy to transport, to move anywhere. Thus, the two main components of this stadium are the containers, 974, which are certified, and which they share the operational functions, in addition to 30,000 tons of steel that carry the weight of everything up to the roof,” Al Atwaan summarized.

Everything meets both the FIFA requirements for a stadium of this level and to be able to be dedicated to another task after the event.

Changing rooms, boxes, toilets, food and drink areas, first aid stations, places for the press and even the VIP area are some of the places that will be inside a container, which also maintain their distinctive colors and industrial air that They give a curious aspect to the construction.

The future of the stadium

Part of this appearance is due to the requirement that the material maintain the navigability certificates required by the maritime authorities, whose distinctive marks, seals and stickers will remain visible to all during the championship.

According to Al Atwaan, the options are multiple for the model.

We have the flexibility to rebuild a stadium with the same capacity of 40,000 spectators or build smaller stadiums with 20,000 or 10,000 spectators. Or rededicate the containers to join them and make an office space, or reassemble the bathrooms in another provisional space…Or reuse them for transportation”, he summarized.

It is already known that part of the stands and the structure will be donated to third world countries, but not the final destination of the containers. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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