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Mbappé seals deal with Real Madrid and must sign for five years, says newspaper


The soap opera Kylian Mbappé seems to be in its last chapters. At the end of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, the player has not yet revealed his future. However, according to the newspaper Brandthe Frenchman has already made his decision and closed a deal to become a Real Madrid athlete next season.


According to the newspaper, the agreement was signed last week, when Mbappé was in the city of Madrid, Spain. The general director of the merengue club, José Ángel Sánchez would have dedicated himself exclusively to the subject for two days and even postponed meetings on other matters.

The striker will sign a contract for five seasons, in addition to having a “million dollar” release clause, according to the newspaper. The salary would also involve high figures, but it would still be below what was offered by PSG for the player to renew. The Spaniards will still pay a “bonus” for the transfer, as they will not pay any amount to the Parisian team, which came to refuse two offers for the athlete last season.


The newspaper also revealed a “tension” experienced by Real Madrid regarding the Frenchman’s fate. The Meringues were frightened by the pressure surrounding Mbappé in Paris, as French President Emmanuel Macron himself spoke out in favor of his staying at Paris Saint-Germain.

However, Florentino Pérez, president of the Spanish team, would have adopted a strategy of patience and bet on Mbappé’s “dream” of wearing the Real shirt, maintaining confidence in the signing. The club now wants the player himself to officially announce his future at the moment he sees fit.

Recently, the star attended the French Championship awards, where he was elected best player in the competition, and kept the mystery of his decision.

“I will officially announce my decision on the future before I join the French national team in June. I can’t say much about it yet, but everyone will know soon. It’s almost decided, but it’s not the time yet,” he said. Mbappe at the opportunity.

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