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In Colombia they are attentive to all the information and FIFA’s decision on the Byron Castillo case

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The case of Byron Castillo has taken on a very high importance for the future of several teams and the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The alleged irregularity in the soccer player’s documents to play with the Ecuadorian National Team has many interests, publishes Marca newspaper.

The lawyer presenting the lawsuit filed by the Federation of Chile is the Brazilian Eduardo Carlezzo. In dialogue with BíoBíoChile.cl, the jurist explained in detail the claims they have for this case and what is coming. Although the main interest is to put Chile in the World Cup, it could affect other delegations such as Peru and Colombia in some way.

Peru is invited

“I understand that, potentially, it can be identified that, within the various sanctions that FIFA could apply to that case, some of those could affect the Peruvian Federation. Therefore, out of extreme care, to avoid possible future annulments, it was well understood that Peru was also summoned to participate in the process,” explained Calezzo.

It makes a lot of sense that the process has involved Peru, since, as will be seen later, the Chilean proposal could leave the Incas with some anxiety about their classification.

Possible sanctions

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Carlezzo explained what sanctions are the ones he fights for on the soccer stages: “We ask for the application of article 22, giving Chile the points from the match it played against Ecuador, so that FIFA declares that Chile occupies fourth position in the Qualifiers. Also as a sanctioning measure against the Ecuadorian Football Federation, we ask for its exclusion from the 2026 World Cup.”

As mentioned in the previous point, FIFA has included Peru to avoid generating discrepancies regarding that fifth place in the playoffs. If the points were taken from Ecuador to give them to Chile, La Roja would go straight as fourth and Peru would keep their playoffs.

Now, the situation changes in case FIFA’s decision is not to remove and add points, but to directly disqualify Ecuador. This would mean that the teams from fifth place would move up one box, which would put Peru in the direct classification and Colombia in the play-off, while Chile would remain out.

time to decide

“As I already know, FIFA will act very quickly because it is in the interest of deciding as quickly as possible. The uncertainty before the World Cup is of no interest to anyone. If we take into account that within ten days we will already know what Ecuador’s position is and if FIFA understands that there is no more evidence to seek or the need to hear any other position from the Chilean Federation, it would already have the process ready to fail. I understand that we will go for a quick term that in 30 days we could already have a ruling from the Disciplinary Commission”.

Thus, the decision seems to be just around the corner. In mid-June, FIFA could be issuing a ruling that will shock the aspirations of many and change the future, for better or worse, of the Qualifiers that have already been played. (D)

Source: Eluniverso

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