Sold 19,500 tickets for the Osasuna-Sevilla Cup

Sold 19,500 tickets for the Osasuna-Sevilla Cup

Euskaraz irakurri: Osasuna-Seville Kopako partidarako 19,500 sarrera saldu dira

the sadar prepares to receive Seville for the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey a single match, for which around 19,500 tickets have already been sold.

It seems that the revamped rojillo coliseum with capacity for 23,576 will not fill up. There was talk of the possibility of selling all the tickets for the exciting match between two teams excited to advance to the semifinals, something that Osasuna not enough for 13 years. However, a few hours before the start of the clash there are still tickets on sale.

The visiting stands will be full of Sevilla fans, some 600, who have not hesitated to cross the peninsula by land and air to accompany his team. The schedule (10:00 p.m.) and the low temperatures (between -2 and 2 degrees) have weakened the power of attraction that a game like this should have for the Navarrese fans. Despite this, attendees will do everything on their part to create the right atmosphere favorable to their interests.

Osasuna will invite all spectators to coffee and chocolate. The promotion will be valid for orders placed at the stadium bars before 9:30 p.m. and while stocks last.

Source: Eitb