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Jelena Dokiæ under an avalanche of hate. In the end, she couldn’t stand it. “It’s disgusting”

“I don’t think it’s fair that a whale like Jelena Dokić takes away my enjoyment of watching tennis and turns it into shit. All she does is talk and say how good she is. I bet it would take her 10 minutes to run 100 meters Please get rid of her, the sight of her makes me want to turn off” or “Oh my God! What happened to you? You need to cut down on snacks!” – these are just some of the comments that Jelena Dokić, a former Australian tennis player, can read about herself.

Outpouring of hate on Jelena Dokić. “Disgusting”

Dokić works at the Australian Open as a court reporter. It conducts, among others post-match interviews with players. Recently, she spoke with Novak Djokovic. And most likely because of this, she was flooded with a wave of hateful comments about her weight and figure. As she herself informed on Instagram in a long, personal entry, most of the comments come from Serbia, but not only.

“Body shaming and fat shaming in the last 24 hours has been crazy. They come from all over the world, but many of them are from Serbia. And yes, many of them are women. So much for women supporting other women,” she wrote. She described the hateful comments as “evil”. “There is no other word. It’s disgusting. People should be ashamed. The most common comment was ‘what happened to her, she’s so big?’. It really doesn’t matter what I do or what happened because size shouldn’t matter. Kindness and being a good person matters and those of you who bully me and others clearly are not,” she wrote on Instagram.

“What matters is online attacks, bullying and shaming. It matters because those of you who do this are just bad, mean ignorant people. I can and will get fit for myself and my health, but you don’t you will become a better person. Libra will change, but bad people will stay bad,” she added.

“I’m here fighting for all the abused and shamed. I can’t change the world, but I intend to continue using my platform for good and supporting other people and giving others a voice and trying to make others feel less alone and less scared. they support and there are so many of you thank you from the bottom of my heart and all those who are really good people also i will be nice and better than you trolls and i will not reveal your identities i love all of you even trolls because you give me so much motivation and inspiration to do what I do and to fight people like you,” concluded Jokić.

Jelena Dokić triumphed in six tournaments during her career. She achieved her best singles result in a Grand Slam tournament in 2000, reaching the semi-finals of Wimbledon when she was only 17 years old. The Australian also boasts a doubles final at the French Open in 2010.

She ended her career in 2014. She had suicidal thoughts last year.

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