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Storm in France. Is that how Qatar got the World Cup? Espionage and hackers

Last year’s World Cup in Qatar caused a lot of controversy. This was due, among other things, to human rights violations and strict rules that prevail in this country. In November, Swiss media exposed Qatar’s espionage activities that were ordered by the state authorities to ensure that the country remained the host of the World Cup. You can read more about it ->>> HERE.

French prosecutors launch investigations into Qatari espionage. One of them concerns Michel Platini

The case was also covered by the British newspaper The Sunday Times. On Tuesday, the French prosecutor’s office said it had launched three investigations into suspected Qatari spying to host the World Cup. One of them concerns Michel Platini. In early January, he was questioned as a witness in an investigation into his email account being hacked. According to journalists, the Frenchman was spied on in May 2019, shortly before he was detained by police as part of an investigation into suspected corruption in the awarding of the World Cup to Qatar. He was not charged with anything at the time.

The second investigation concerns Senator Orne Nathalie Goulet, who was allegedly spied on by Qatar for her work on the radical Islam with which the country is often associated. Journalists revealed that her e-mail account was supposed to have been hacked.

“Eight, ten months ago, she got a call from a man who told me he was in a verification service and asked if my password was really that. I don’t know if they hacked into my Senate mailbox, too. I have no idea. When you denounce radical Islam as I have for years, you inevitably run into Qatar on every street corner. I think it annoyed them, that’s all,” she told Actur.fr. L’Equipe, in turn, adds that the parliamentarian voted against France’s cooperation with Qatar. Goulet also published a book called “A Primer on Financing Terrorism,” which also covered Qatar.

The third investigation was launched after a complaint from the news site Mediapart and one of its journalists, Yann Philippin, who wrote several articles on Qatar. It came to light that the man had been the victim of several online scam attempts since January 2020 after he received virus-infected emails. Several other influential journalists who spoke critically about the World Cup were also targeted by the Qatari.

According to the Sunday Times, about 50 well-known people from the world of football, politics and the media were allegedly targeted by the espionage. Many have one thing in common – their critical stance on the organization of the World Cup in Qatar.

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