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Kubacki’s situation is getting more and more difficult.  This is the general classification P¦ after Sapporo

Kubacki’s situation is getting more and more difficult. This is the general classification P¦ after Sapporo

The conditions during Sunday’s lottery competition in Sapporo caused confusion not only in the results of the competition itself. Those who gained the most from it are undoubtedly Halvor Egner Granerud and the winner, Ryoyu Kobayashi.

Granerud is chasing Kubacki. He is getting closer to the yellow jersey of the World Cup leader

The Norwegian remained second in the overall World Cup standings, but his 80 points for second place in the competition closes his gap to the leader. It is still Dawid Kubacki. The Pole has already accumulated 1,164 points, but on Sunday he lost the most points to Graneruda since the beginning of winter – 56.

As a result, his advantage over the main rival in the fight for the Crystal Globe decreased to 48 points, although before the last competition in Sapporo it was still as much as 104. Granerud made up almost half of what he lost to the Pole and will be a significant threat to him in the coming weeks. He has a good chance to take the yellow jersey of the cycle leader from Kubacki. Slovene Anze Lanisek is still classified behind the Pole and the Norwegian. His competition in Japan did not work out at all and he loses respectively 223 points to Kubacki and 175 to Graneruda.

Thanks to the injection of as many as 260 points collected during three competitions in Sapporo, the Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi joined the top. He is in seventh place with 421 points and will definitely count in the next competition.

Two more Poles in the top ten

There are still two Poles in the top ten of the classification. Piotr Żyła is fifth with 628 points, and Kamil Stoch is eighth with 391 points.

Other players of Thomas Thurnbichler’s team are slightly lower – Paweł Wąsek is 26th, Aleksander Zniszczol 39th, Jan Habdas 50th, Tomasz Pilch 52nd, and Stefan Hula 54th.

Overall World Cup standings after the third competition in Sapporo:

1. Dawid Kubacki – 1164 points
2. Halvor Egner Granerud – 1116 pts
3. Anze Lanisek – 941 pts
4. Stefan Kraft – 811 pts
5. Piotr Zyla – 628 points
6. Manuel Fettner – 487 pts
7. Ryoyu Kobayashi – 421 pts
8. Kamil Stoch – 391 points
9. Daniel Tshofenig – 375 pts
10. Michael Hayboeck – 362 pts

26. Pawel Wasek – 122 points

39. Aleksander Destroyer – 26 pts

50. Jan Habdas – 10 pts

52. Tomasz Pilch – 8 points

54. Stefan Hula – 4 pts

The next World Cup competitions are scheduled for January 27-29 in Tauplitz. The first ski flying competition of the season will then take place on the Kulm hill. Live coverage on and in the LIVE application.

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