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After going bankrupt, former Arsenal and Liverpool player says he is “financially illiterate”

After going bankrupt, former Arsenal and Liverpool player says he is “financially illiterate”

Jermaine Pennant is not going through his prime right now. Soccer is no longer part of his life, and it is that after a long career of almost 20 years and after earning more than 11 million, he has ended up bankrupt, as he has recognized in an interview granted exclusively to The Sun.

An interview where the former player of teams like Arsenal, Liverpool and Real Zaragoza, among others, has confessed that he currently accumulates debts of more than one million euros, since he lost all his fortune in investments that have not led him to good port, losing three houses: “I invested in horses and property, and I lost all the money.”

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Without a money management that I had

In fact, he defines himself as “a financial illiterate.” He didn’t know how to manage money, and it led him to this situation: “In all honesty, he could have been a billionaire and still screwed it up. He didn’t know how to deal with things and didn’t think about the consequences of my actions. That bankrupted me more than anything else. I had no idea what I was earning and what was coming out of my account.”

In addition, he has revealed to the British tabloid that last year he was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder: “I have been labeled a bad boy but, in reality, I was just an insecure child who did not know what he was doing. Because of my ADHD, he would just ignore things and bury my head in the sand, even forgetting that he owned a home.”

Pennant led a life of excess as a footballer, and it is that in Spain he was even better known for his actions off the pitch than on it: “I bought houses, but I never spoke to a real estate agent and I had mortgages that I didn’t know about. I took bad advice from bad people and just lived from day to day. I left my Porsche Cayenne open in Zaragoza because I missed the train”. In addition, he was imprisoned for driving under the influence of alcohol.

A new life

However, and despite everything that has come his way, Pennant admits to being “happier than ever” after declaring bankruptcy, and that is that “being bankrupt is not an ideal situation, but it means that I can rebuild my life and start a new one. A new life that he will share with his girlfriend, the actress Jess Impiazzi. (D)

Source: Eluniverso

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