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FIA explains why Hamilton received no further punishment after sending Verstappen to hospital

The incident between Lewis Hamilton Y Max Verstappen, which ended the latter in the hospital, is still on everyone’s lips. That is why the SON has had to explain why he gave the Mercedes driver a penalty of just 10 seconds, which is insignificant considering that he ended up winning the British Grand Prix. His triumph at Silverstone has caused him to 8 points at the Verstappen World Cup to further outrage from him and the Red Bull team.

The Austrian team is very upset because the damage that Hamilton caused in the car of Max Verstappen it was higher than the punishment he received. For his part, Michael Masi, F1 race director, wanted to make it clear that the FIA ​​is limited to judging the incident, not the consequences of it. “I think one of the great parts that has been a mainstay for many, many years. This came about through discussions before my time, between all the teams, the FIA ​​and F1, and the team managers. They were quite inflexible in that should not consider the consequences of an incident”, The Australian clarified.

“Then, when they are judging incidents is that they judge the incident itself. And the merits of the incident, not what happens afterwards as a consequence ”, continued Michael Masi justifying the sanction that the FIA ​​imposed on Lewis Hamilton.

“And that has been something the stewards have done for many years. And they’ve been advised to do it from the top down, and I’m talking about team participation. So that’s the way the stewards judge it because, if you start to consider the consequences, there are so many variables, instead of judging the incident itself on its merits ”, he has settled.

Verstappen considers Hamilton’s celebration disrespectful

The still leader of the World Cup, sent a reassuring message to his fans through his social networks. In it he reiterated that Lewis Hamilton’s punishment had been unfair and that his holding while he was in the hospital was inappropriate. “Glad to be okay. Very disappointed to have been eliminated like this. The penalty does not help us and does not do justice to the dangerous play that Lewis made on the court. Watching celebrations at the hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behaviorbut we keep going, ”wrote Max Verstappen.

The father of the Dutchman, Jos, who was Fernando Alonso’s rival in Formula 1 in his day, went further and asked for the disqualification of Lewis Hamilton. “What he did is not acceptable. I think a 10 second penalty is really ridiculous. In my opinion they should have disqualified him”, He pointed out in The Telegraph. “Max gives him space and is ahead of him. You can’t pass on the inside”, He added.

In the same vein as that of the ex-driver, Christian Horner, Red Bull team boss, declared in DAZN: “It seemed like a desperate maneuver on Lewis’s part.. All drivers should know that they shouldn’t go inside at Copse, where it goes 180 miles per hour. ” “I think Lewis has misjudged. You have been penalized for this but the penalty has been insignificant compared to the consequence of your action. I think it has been a tremendous impact and we have been lucky that he suffered no injuries, ”he added.

Hamilton does not understand why he has been sanctioned by the FIA

He also spoke about it Lewis Hamilton after his victory at the British Grand Prix: “At the start Max was very aggressive and didn’t give me any space.. I do not agree with the penalty, but I’ve taken the hit and I’m on my way”.

Another pilot who has opined on his incident that Max Verstappen has been Fernando Alonso. “I think there has been a bit of bad luck … just a moment of bad luck. Lewis had more than half a car matched to Max so he couldn’t disappear hence in a sense, neither did anything bad or malicious”, Stated the Asturian.

Carlos Sainz, for his part, preferred not to get wet. “I don’t want to put myself on one side or the other because watching social networks and how each group is doing … but I think it was bad luck, a bit of both, a career set”Said the Ferrari driver.

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