USA: Governor Cuomo resigns

After allegations of sexual harassment by several women, New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo is now taking action. The 63-year-old politician announced in a video on Tuesday that he would resign in 14 days.

It was the looks of his three daughters that made him rethink. In her eyes he saw that he had made mistakes. So he justified his decision on Tuesday lunchtime in front of the television cameras. Cuomo was once a beacon of hope for the Democrats, and with his resignation an era is coming to an end in New York.

In the end, it was a surprising step. Cuomo had done everything in the past few days to deny his mistakes and to wipe them off the table. A week ago, an investigation report by the Attorney General of New York described the experiences of eleven women with Cuomo in detail: The governor had treated the women, most of them in government services, inappropriately, and there had been hurtful remarks and touches. He had a policewoman moved near him and then verbally and physically harassed her. Cuomo initially rejected all allegations, alleged gaps in memory and railed about the allegedly politically motivated mud fight.

But his party had already turned away from him. There were calls for resignation, including from US President Joe Biden. The New York State Parliament is on impeachment proceedings against him on several charges. The majority of the MPs should speak out in favor of impeachment.

Several public prosecutors have also initiated criminal proceedings, and at least one former employee has filed a lawsuit. His closest adviser resigned on Sunday because she no longer believes in Cuomo’s political future. All of this paralyzes the government, said Cuomo on Tuesday in front of the cameras: “Under these circumstances, I will be the greatest help if I resign and the government can devote itself to governing again.”

End of a picture book career

An extraordinary political career comes to an end. Cuomo began his career at the age of 24 as his father’s campaign manager. Mario Cuomo was to run New York State as governor for three terms. The son was always measured against his father: he was on his way to the US presidency when Bill Clinton put him off in 1996. This was also an opportunity for Andrew Cuomo: Clinton brought him to Washington, as Minister of Housing he earned cross-party respect.

In New York, he managed to get the governorship on the second attempt. And soon he too was toying with the presidency, as his father had before. He achieved star status at the latest with his regular Covid media conferences, in which he relentlessly presented the facts and encouraged the troubled New Yorkers. Cuomo was ready to add a fourth term in 2022 and finally outdo his father.

The first woman at the top

On Tuesday, Cuomo presented himself as a promoter of women: after all, he had launched a program against sexual harassment in New York State. Cuomo asserted once again that he had never, knowingly or intentionally, crossed boundaries. He just didn’t understand how much those lines had been shifted, said Cuomo. He just meant to have meant it nicely when he kissed a woman at a wedding or when he hugged someone else. In the meantime he has learned that women consider this behavior to be out of date – thanks to the looks of his three daughters.

Now, for the first time in the history of New York State, a woman takes over the fate of the East Coast state. His deputy, Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, will move up.

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