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Foreigners Arrested With Counterfeit $450,000;  wanted to buy agricultural products in Carchi

Foreigners Arrested With Counterfeit $450,000; wanted to buy agricultural products in Carchi

San Gabriel, CARCHI

A criminal organization of Colombian origin tried to enter approximately half a million counterfeit dollars into Ecuador. The alleged fraudsters were arrested Thursday afternoon in a rural community in the Bolívar canton, in Carchi.

According to the police, the adulterated currency was transported in two safes and the first investigations indicate that it was manufactured by organizations outside the law that operate in Colombian territory.

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The scammers intended to intern the supposed money based on apparent businesses that they planned to carry out from Tulcán to the Metropolitan District of Quito. The commercial transactions were related to the acquisition of overpriced products and articles.

The high amounts that they were going to pay generated suspicion among several farmers in Tumbatú, who denounced the Montúfar-Bolívar Police District about the presence of three Colombian citizens who intended to pay high prices for the products and with $100 bills, which It is not usual in these sectors.

The complaint activated the investigative entities of the Judicial Police, which proceeded to apprehend the foreigners.

Richard Carolys, commander of the Carchi Police Sub Zone, reported that thanks to complaints made, they managed to remove $450,000 false from circulation.

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This gang is made up of young people aged 28, 27 and 22, who are investigated. The Ecuadorian police asked their counterparts for information to determine if they have a judicial record or if they are required by Colombian justice.

The banknotes have the same denomination and the same serial number. This is the largest seizure of currency recorded in the last two years, said Karolys, who added that they came from Colombia, so they are investigating how they entered Carchi.

It is unknown if more farmers or ranchers from Carchen would have been harmed, during the criminal journey that this trio of swindlers who await the preliminary hearing began on the northern border. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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