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Driver drowned when his vehicle fell into the accumulated waters on the sides of the Babahoyo-San Juan road

Driver drowned when his vehicle fell into the accumulated waters on the sides of the Babahoyo-San Juan road

Babahoyo, THE RIVERS

A man identified as Iván Arévalo Avilés, 30 years old, died this Friday, March 11, when he fell with his vehicle in the savannahs of the Babahoyo-San Juan road, due to the intense rains registered in the area.

The accident, according to witness accounts, would have occurred because the driver lost control of the trailer at the height of the La Chorrera sector, belonging to the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

Babahoyo, under water after a heavy rain of six hours, this Friday. More than 100 families affected by the floods

They said that when the driver of the heavy vehicle lost track, he fell into the accumulated water that is on that road due to the rains that have also caused the rivers to overflow.

After the trailer was covered, it submerged with the driver inside. Although witnesses and agents of the Ecuadorian Traffic Commission (CTE) tried to help him, the rescue work was very late, only the death of the driver was confirmed.

According to information from the CTE agents who acted in the incident, the vehicle has plates that correspond to the neighboring country of Peru. The victim was a native of Guayaquil, according to data from her personal documents. The body is in the Babahoyo morgue.

This road, like the Babahoyo-Montalvo, has been registering water accumulation for about a month, so several traffic accidents have already been reported due to the fact that the road is lost under water.

This situation, according to local citizens and merchants, arises every year with the winter season, which is why they indicate that they have requested the competent authorities to carry out actions to prevent more deaths due to the floods that form in various sections of the these two state roads E 25.

The floods drag vehicles and make it difficult to circulate on the roads of Los Ríos

The most dangerous sections and those that register water accumulation are on the road to Babahoyo, at kilometer 53, and those that are at kilometers 4.6 and 205 of the Babahoyo-Montalvo highway, reported the CTE.

The entity recommended driving with caution and respecting the preventive signs. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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