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10 breathtaking photos and videos illustrating the new reality of Russia

10 breathtaking photos and videos illustrating the new reality of Russia

The chance to realize that a new reality has come for the Russians, along with all of humanity, was given back in 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic began. Many residents of Russia still deny it. And there are many more of them, according to opinion polls, than in most countries of the world.

Another wave of a new reality, without even waiting for the old one, the coronavirus one, came on February 24, 2022. From this day on, no matter how trite it sounds, we all live in a different country.

About what is happening, you can write about a thousand dissertations alone, hundreds of books and make films for the next 50 years. Only articles in the media on the topic have already been written all over the world by this day for hundreds of thousands.

“Rosbalt Like” such a large-scale disclosure of the topic is simply beyond its power. But somehow, as they say, you need to catch the moment. Humanity has not invented anything better than photography for such tasks. We present a selection of a dozen pictures or screenshots from social networks illustrating the thesis that Russians now live in another country. And it’s even worse than before.

1. Karen Shakhnazarov talks about the unity of the Ukrainian nation and Russia’s miscalculations. On the TV channel “Russia-1”! In Solovyov’s program!!

2. Food from McDonald’s is sold at Avito.

3. The Ministry of Defense convicts the Commander-in-Chief of distorting the facts.

4. Store shelves are empty.

And the Russians shoot a review of prices right in stores …

5. In the regions, performance artists suddenly appeared in the administrations.

6. The iconic shark from IKEA has risen in price by almost 4 times in a day

In fact, its official price was about 1400 rubles. But some have completely lost all shame …

7. In Moscow, there were huge queues at the Mac … from cars.

8. The term “true movie lover” has reached a new level.

9. Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev congratulates women on Twitter blocked by the Russian authorities.

10. But there is good news…

Source: Rosbalt

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