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Extortionist sent his partner to collect money from his victim and fled when the police captured her

Caught in flagrante delicto, the justice ordered 30 days of preventive detention for investigations.

Since last Monday, a citizen in Loja began receiving calls of an extortive and threatening nature from an unknown man who claimed to belong to the Los Choneros gang. Supposedly imprisoned in the Turi prison, in Cuenca, he demanded that he hand over $3,000 to leave him alone; Otherwise, they would threaten his life and that of his family.

The day after the first threat, the victim realized that the front door of her house and her personal vehicle had been the subject of threatening graffiti with the words “silver or lead.”

Once the alleged criminal act was known and in order to protect the integrity of the victim, specialized teams of the Police against crime and kidnapping, in coordination with the Prosecutor’s Office, identified and located the alleged person responsible for this act.

In the operation, Deysi R. was apprehended in flagrante delicto and was placed under the orders of a judge, who, after a hearing to formulate charges, ordered her incarceration for 30 days while the Prosecutor’s Office carries out the investigations.

She was found with a mobile phone and a manila envelope with cash from the payment of the “vaccine”, as the extortionists call the payment of their victims.

The detainee was identified as a partner of the man who made the calls and sent the blackmail messages, supposedly from Turi, but who, according to technological evidence, was near the place where the woman went to collect the money from the victim. He was ringing the bell, but realizing that the illegal operation did not go well, he turned off his phone and fled.

Police, however, continue to search for him. (I)

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