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Pencil sharpener-style robbery is registered at a Loja banking agency; police arrested five antisocials

The victim withdrew about $ 2,500. The uniformed men recovered money, but the amount was not specified.


Cristian ON arrived at the facilities of a banking agency, in front of La Madre park, in Loja, withdrew around $ 2,500, and then left and went to Machala street where he had parked his vehicle.

When he got into the car, he was approached by two antisocials who were carrying firearms. The victim reacted by throwing a wad of money into the street, and this was picked up by the two individuals who after that boarded two motorcycles whose drivers were ready to transfer them.

The incident occurred on the morning of this Wednesday, at approximately 08:40.

The four antisocials quickly marched down Machala Street, and then entered Guayaquil Street, continuing along Orillas del Zamora Avenue up to the Calasanz school. In that place two of them board a taxi, while the other two motorcyclists went to the Saraguro canton.

That’s 162 pencil sharpener rounds in 2021; the Police have arrested almost 100 suspects, but without complaints it is difficult to obtain sentences

Given the alert generated, the Loja Judicial Police carried out search and control operations, which allowed them to be apprehended in Saraguro.

According to versions of the taxi driver who picked up two of the antisocials, they would have stayed by the Terrestrial Terminal.

With the verification of the images of the taxi cameras and with indications collected in hostels in the city, it was possible to conclude that the two men were of Venezuelan nationality,

They boarded an interprovincial transport bus at 10:00. This bus was detained in Nabón (Azuay) by members of the Police and later the suspects were identified as well as another subject who also participated in the crime and who, according to the security cameras, was also inside the banking agency outlining the victim.

A woman wounded by a bullet in the middle of a confrontation between the police and pencil sharpener in the center of Guayaquil

There are five detainees and as evidence two motorcycles, cash (the amount was not specified), 15 cell phones and two firearms were also found. (I)

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