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Steps to consult the values ​​pending payment in the AMT of Quito

Users can cancel their obligations online, by credit card.

People who have pending values ​​for traffic offenses and vehicle registration processes You can check the amounts to pay through the page of the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) of Quito:

On the website, users should go to the section called ‘Our AMT services’ and enter the section ‘Check your values ​​to pay’.

Once there, four windows will appear: ‘Amounts to pay AMT’, ‘Amounts to pay traffic offenses AMT / ANT (National Transit Agency)’, ‘Amounts to pay tuition-SRI (Internal Revenue Service)’ and ‘Online payment’. In any of these options you must record vehicle data and then the pending values ​​will be displayed.

The Municipality of Quito explains that payments through the portal can be made by credit card to cancel the infractions related to the Traffic Law, the values ​​of the RTV (vehicle technical review) and the fines established in ordinances.

Before making the transaction, it is recommended verify that the credit card is enabled to make the payment online. To do this, you must contact the financial institution that issued the card and request the unlocking for payments using the option place to pay. (I)

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