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Two judges suspended the ANT measure to revoke 302 routes and 1,632 frequencies granted during the pandemic

Said routes would have been delivered without fulfilling legal requirements, according to a report from the Comptroller General of the State.

Two judges, from Santa Elena and Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, decided to suspend the measure issued by the National Transit Agency (ANT) to revoke 302 routes and 1,632 frequencies of 64 transport operators that were granted between March 2020 and May 2021 .

With this measure, the transport units of these operators can circulate throughout the national territory from this Friday 21.

The ANT indicated that these routes and frequencies were delivered without complying with legal requirements, according to a report from the State Comptroller General’s Office, “as well as technical and legal analyzes that revealed that 302 routes and 1,632 frequencies had interference with each other, which until now date has generated 52 people killed by running, only in the last semester of 2021 ″.

Adrián Castro, executive director of the ANT, stated that he filed a complaint against the judges’ measure. Likewise, the official requested an investigation from the Judiciary Council so that sanctions are issued regarding this resolution.

“What the ANT did was to give an answer to the families who lost their loved ones due to accidents, now what will justice say to those families,” Castro said.

In addition, the official outlined to the ANT what could have happened with the units of the operators whose sanction was revoked this Friday the 21st.

The Santo Domingo-Santa Rosa section heads the list of the 10 roads with the most road accidents in Ecuador

“The State Attorney General’s Office highlighted the legality and relevance of the measure adopted by the ANT, but its arguments were not taken into account either, so these courts have reversed the suspension measure,” the transit entity said in a statement.

It was indicated that the ANT in recent weeks has received complaints about alleged payments of between 50,000 dollars and 480,000 dollars for the delivery of routes and frequencies. This information was sent to the Prosecutor’s Office by Castro, so that the pertinent investigations can be initiated.

The National Transit Agency indicated that they will reinforce the controls in land terminals and requested the respective entities to protect road safety on the highways. (I)

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