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Quito Passenger Company hired 325 private guards for its Trolebús and Ecovía transportation systems

Authorities have identified 123 points to protect 24 hours a day and secure the nearly 360,000 users they receive daily.

The Quito Passenger Company reported on the hiring of 325 private guards to watch stops, stations and terminals of the municipal transport system Trolleybus and Ecovia.

Since January 20, security work began in 123 points that will be monitored 24 hours a day, the seven days of the week. With this they intend to reduce the cases of delinquency and protect those close to 360,000 passengers daily that are mobilized by this transport service.

In addition, the bulletin maintains that they will carry out constant patrols with motorized personnel. This group will be in charge of the control and eviction of informal street vendors, as well as the identification of suspected criminals within the units and stops, verification of the capacity, the correct use of the mask and control of the vaccination card by the users.

According Mauricio Ceron, Security coordinator of the Passenger Company, “in the last semester of 2021 71 criminals were captured and they were prosecuted for illicit association.”

Members of the Metropolitan Control Agency (AMC), the Quito Fire Department (CBQ), the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) and the Metropolitan Control Agents Corps will also be available at transport stations.

From this January 21 the people who do not carry their coronavirus vaccination document (card or certificate) they were unable to enter the stations of the Passenger Company. The measures will be maintained, so they requested that users come with the enabling document. (I)

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