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Is shaving your hair good or is it a myth?

Raparse hair is usually understood as a method to make hair come out stronger and healthy afterwards. It is a kind of widespread belief that is not questioned, but do we really know if it is so? Does it always work?

In addition to its importance from the point of view of beauty, more or less depending on the different societies, hair usually also has a relevant symbolic load. The traditions they play a role in forming beliefs about whether or not to shave hair or when and how to do it. However, let’s see what is the reality of the main myths around this issue.

Advantages and disadvantages of shaving hair

Shaving your hair has some very easy to see advantages such as:

You save money in products

You save time because you don’t comb or worry about your hair

– It is comfortable and many people love the sensation to touch the head

However, if what you want when shaving your hair is for it to come out stronger, faster and more vigorous, this is where the problems begin. The latest researches have come have seen that shaving hair has nothing to do with growth rate or thickness of each hair. They even point out that shaving frequently damages the skin because he gets angry and makes hair grow finer.

In the case of havinglopecia areata, which causes bald spots in the hair, shaving your head doesn’t solve the problem either, according to experts. In this way we can conclude that shaving the hair does not solve hair problems.

When should you shave your hair?

It would only be a beneficial practice in the case of having subjected the hair to a very harsh practice, in which the hair suffered damage, such as when wearing extensions, dreadlocks, or the weight of the hair pulls on the scalp.

There are also professionals who bet on shaving the hair after great periods of stress, since these make the hair look dull and very weak and lack color and shine.

Among the most obvious drawbacks of shaving are:

– The cold affects more and there is a risk of sunburn

– Shaving can cause inflammation and skin redness

Does shaving your head increase hair density?

The answer is clear: no.. That’s a myth because shaving has no effect on regrowth and doesn’t affect the texture or density of the hair.

Perhaps people think that shaving makes the hair come out stronger because when cutting the hair it has blunt ends and this makes them appear thicker. Shaving your head will also have no effect in treating baldness. That said, the new hairs will be free from chemical damage and other elements of the environment and this can make them look better and healthier.

The hair that comes out of the scalp is dead and nothing we do affects the living follicles under the scalp. It is the same principle that applies to hair dye. If you dye your hair red, the new hair growth will be your natural color, not red.

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