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Government of Guayas takes additional measures for security: FF. AA. guard ports and critical sites

Another decision that was adopted at the security table is the formation of an inter-institutional intelligence group to dismantle gangs.

The Armed Forces and the National Police will carry out fixed controls in the ports of Guayaquil and Posorja during the period of validity of the state of exception. That is one of the resolutions adopted by the Provincial Security Committee after President Guillermo Lasso declared a state of emergency at the national level to combat crime.

The ports have been precisely points infiltrated by drug trafficking, which has lost 147 tons of drugs that have been seized so far at the national level.

According to the office of the governor of Guayas, Pablo Arosemena Marriott, these are “additional tactics to reinforce security throughout the province.”

Another decision that was adopted at the security table is the formation of an inter-institutional intelligence group that will work during the validity of the state of exception in gathering information that contributes to the dismantling of criminal gangs.

The Guayaquil Citizen Security Corporation will coordinate with the Armed Forces the temporary delivery of 30 vans for patrol in the city, where the military will carry out control operations at critical points delivered by the Guayas Government.

The National Police, for its part, will continue with the planned operations in the 34 critical points set up by that institution.

To carry out these tasks, the National Police, according to a statement from the Government, will provide 6,141 servers for the entire province. Of these, 4,011 will serve in the critical Zone 8 (Guayaquil, Durán and Samborondón). While the Armed Forces will contribute 236 officers and 2,110 members to contribute to security.

The Government of Guayas recommended to reform the ordinance in force in Guayaquil, on the issue of motorcycle circulation, extending the prohibition of two male persons aboard said vehicle 24 hours a day and with a penalty of more than one day of retention .

Additionally, a reply will be requested from the other cantons of the province, where the Police will establish patrols and random checkpoints.

“Our president ratified his support for the uniformed men through the creation of the Legal Defense Unit of the Public Force. The police and military actions that are within its powers will be supported, the state of emergency allows more actions to be taken. It is a tough war, very difficult, someone has to face the situation and the Government of the Meeting is giving answers with concrete actions, “said Arosemena, quoted in the statement from the Government. (I)

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