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IESS must make transparent the information of its financial, administrative, social security and health management

The project will be brought to the attention of the Executive so that within a period of 30 days it can sanction or veto the text.

The Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS), will be obliged to make transparent the financial situation of the institution through the periodic publication of all the indicators related to its administrative, financial, social security and health management. The reservation of information will not apply to the contributors.

This was defined by the National Assembly with the unanimous vote of 133 legislators present in session 757, which incorporates a text to article 1 of the Social Security Law to promote total transparency in the management of IESS resources and all entities of your property.

Authorities of Social Security and the Ministry of Health summoned to the legislature due to a hospital situation

This project was presented on January 12, 2020 by the then assemblyman Roberto Gómez Alcívar (CREO), who said that workers deserve to know the general numbers of the IESS in full, and clarified that it is not proposed to open individual and private information. of each member, but of the institution in general.

The information that the IESS must publish is related to actuarial studies, investments, overdue portfolio, accounts receivable, liabilities, assets, among others.

The legislators during the second debate complained that the Social Security authorities refuse to deliver information to the National Assembly, as well as to the affiliates. In the opinion of the fourteen assembly members who spoke, this reform seeks to attack corruption and pay for transparency in the management of social security resources.

With the resolution, the IESS, the entities owned or subordinated financially or administratively, in the first thirty days of the fiscal year will have to publish the financial management and the economic commitments that the Institution acquires.

The information will include your detailed financial statements, such as balance sheets, and any actuarial calculations you have up to that point. It should always contain an explanation or guide for the proper understanding of citizenship.

The Ecuadorian Social Security Institute will be obliged to give the public access to the accounts, files or supporting documents of its updated operations, by any means, without any limitation for all contributors to social security with the exceptions provided for in the Law or that the requests made are not duly motivated. The reservation of information will not apply to contributors to the social security system.

The bill approved on January 20 will pass to the Executive for sanction or veto within 30 days. (I)

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