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Anti-COVID-19 vaccination with third dose for health personnel will take place between October and November

On Monday the process began with those who received the first dose in January of this year in the Lenín Moreno government.

On of the phases the placement of the reinforcement against the coronavirus for health personnel will be carried out.

The process of the third dose began, last Monday, with those workers in the health sector who were vaccinated in January 2021 in the government of then President Lenín Moreno.

The third week of January of this year the first doses of the pharmaceutical arrived Pfizer This started the vaccination plan with people who were fighting the pandemic in hospitals.

The first phase of the booster is for those who were inoculated with second doses from February to April 2021 and will receive the third dose in October.

The second level is for those health workers who received the second dose from May and will be inoculated from November.

Third dose of vaccine against COVID-19 is already applied to health personnel in Ecuador

The Minister of Health, Ximena Garzón, clarified that it is regardless of vaccinations received by Pfizer, Sinovac or AstraZeneca.

The third dose is AstraZeneca.

Added that must spend a minimum of six months if the person has been vaccinated with the full doses and that the vaccine is not mandatory but a right.

That vaccination will be registered and it will be reflected when the digital vaccination cards are printed.

“They are in contact with COVID patients”, He indicated in a discussion with the media this Wednesday.

José Ruales, Vice Minister of Governance and Health Surveillance of the Ministry of Health, mentioned that there are about 110,000 people from the health sector who would enter these phases.

The groups that have been defined to receive a third dose, Ruales said, are, in the first order, the health personnel, then people who have certain diseases that require immunosuppression (transplants), cancer, over 65 years.

“We maintain, despite the fact that demand has dropped a lot, we still maintain hospitalization, patients in intensive care units and respiratory symptoms that we are treating in an expert consultation, ”said Ruales, about the reason for the reinforcement to be received first by health personnel.

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