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Smolny does not yet know about the cancellation of the construction of the park “Tuchkov Buyan”

The administration of St. Petersburg does not yet have information about the cancellation of the project of the Tuchkov Buyan park along the Malaya Neva embankment. This was reported to the Rosbalt correspondent by the press service of the Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture.

The department promised to check the information.

“Contact Vishnevsky, we cannot comment. I, frankly, do not have any special new information that something has changed. But you can send a request, I will clarify, of course, with my colleagues. But so far, at first glance, “- said the press service over the phone.

The editorial staff of Rosbalt sent a written request to the committee. No response had been received at the time of publication.

On the eve of the media and the deputy Boris Vishnevsky said that the park project was curtailed in favor of the judicial quarter, where the Supreme Court could move.

The green zone was planned for construction along the Malaya Neva embankment, between Tuchkovy Bridge, Dobrolyubov Avenue and Birzheviy Bridge. The implementation of the project, approved by Vladimir Putin, was postponed several times due to funding issues.

Source: Rosbalt