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Four symptoms that require urgent medical attention are named

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Rapid weight gain and increased fatigue may indicate the development of heart failure, the newspaper Le Figaro reports, citing the head of the cardiology department of emergency and intensive care at the University Hospital of Lille, Professor Nicolas Lamblin.

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He believes that the disease can be recognized by four main signs. As the doctor pointed out, first of all, we are talking about shortness of breath, which patients often do not take seriously. “People sometimes do not even tell the attending physician about her, and if they do, they get the answer that everything is normal. … But suffocating is not at all normal, “RIA Novosti quotes a physician.

According to him, at an early stage, shortness of breath appears with moderate physical activity, for example, when climbing to the fourth floor, and then even at rest.

Weight gain caused by fluid retention is also considered a common symptom of heart failure, Lamblin added.

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“It also causes fatigue, but not the one you feel at the end of the day. You suddenly start to feel tired from the slightest effort, ”the expert pointed out.

At the same time, he stressed, a malfunction of the heart deprives the kidneys of the required amount of blood, so they begin to compensate for it by reabsorbing water and salt. This leads to swelling of the lower extremities, in particular the ankles and lower legs.

Source: Rosbalt

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