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In Moscow, a man who recovered from a coronavirus beat his nephew with a hammer and committed suicide

A resident of Moscow who had a coronavirus beat a minor nephew living in his family with a hammer. This is reported by REN-TV. After the frightened boy disappeared from his uncle in the bathroom, the 37-year-old man committed suicide.

The Metropolitan Police are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

The fact that a coronavirus transferred even in a not severe form has a negative effect on the brain and psyche has been repeatedly reported in almost two years, when the world learned to live with a pandemic. Mental disorders are found both in citizens who have had coronavirus and in their loved ones, as well as in impressionable people who are especially sensitive to frightening messages about COVID-19 in the media and to the consequences of lockdowns and other measures aimed at combating the pandemic. As the well-known pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky emphasizes, advising in no case to self-medicate instead of visiting a psychiatrist, the transferred infection causes mental problems in at least a third of patients.

Source: Rosbalt

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